The Modern Luxury Wardrobe

Wardrobe NYC has been described as “a clothing line that simplifies getting dressed.” The online fashion startup created by Australian Vogue stylist Christine Centera and her partner and fashion designer Josh Goot offers only two options for both men and women: four pieces or eight pieces. The pieces refer to the very limited collection produced by this new, innovative brand that only launched last year. What is immensely unique is that the store itself has curated its own clothes and presented it to the buyer in a manner that says, “I know these clothes look good together – trust me.”

In its Four Piece collection, the men’s selection offers both the classic business suit and an equally appealing, but casual take on the modern suit. With a timeless black color, the suit is packaged with a basic black t-shirt for a casual, more relaxed feel, as well as a basic white, collared button up that passes as both casual and classy. The Eight Piece collection offers everything in the Four Piece, but also includes a casual, black wide-legged pair of pants plus three black outerwear pieces: an overcoat, a classic hoodie, and a knit sweater. Yet again all of these pieces fit seamlessly together, no matter the combination. The women’s Four Piece collection offers a similar selection to the men’s, with the only difference being a skirt in place of trousers. The Eight Piece collection also mirrors the men’s collection, but instead of a hoodie and wide-legged trousers, it offers a blouse and leggings.

In addition to the wide assortment of clothes offered in each collection, they are both sold at a reasonable price; 1500 dollars for the Four Piece and 3000 dollars for the Eight Piece. Other good quality suits – which are offered in both collections – would typically run around 700 to 1000 dollars. An overcoat could be another 200 to 300 dollars. The prices reflect the convenience this brand offers to individuals. It eliminates the time wasted thinking about whether or not their outfit looks good and the time spent searching high and low for just a fraction of the offered pieces.

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